The Life of an Instagram Addict #7

Above are some of my Instagram pics from the past few weeks with descriptions just below.

Nails of the Week #28

If you saw this post here, you'll know that picking out a nail colour for this week was going to be a tough job. So. Many. Choices.

Well, seeing as it was still quite close to Valentine's Day at this point, I was feeling one of the pinks and eventually settled on Barry M's Speedy Quick Dry 'In A Heart Beat'.

The "Up-Do"

Of late, I have been finding myself with my hair tied up more often than not. Now this may not sound like anything odd, but from the ages of around 10 to 22 I avoided tying my hair up like the plague. 

This was massively to do with self confidence issues and I always felt that it made me look like a guy - never a good thing when you're a teen! At the age of around 14/15 (during my 'emo/goth' phase), I even had my long locks all chopped off and had it black and spikey (sorry but I'm not going to include a photo for you to laugh at see). I digress… The point I'm making is that I never wore my hair up unless I had to. Until now!

Mac Pro Palette Eye Shadow Quad

For Christmas, my wish list had rather a lot on it and boy, did my family deliver...and then some! One of the items on my wish list, as like so many, had been on there for months upon months but I had never given in to my own desire and purchased it. This year though, it was atop the list and with some sales going on left, right and centre, I gently pointed my Mum in the right direction and there it was on Christmas Day, in all it's glory.

Spring Nails

What's that I hear you say? The sun has been starting to make more appearances and the temperature has been staying in the plus figures? Why, yes it has! This, coupled with the fact that the nights are starting to draw out, can only mean one thing...

Spring is on the way. Finally!

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